An Intimate Wildwood Wedding

I’m delighted to share this beautiful and intimate Wildwood wedding in Kangaroo Valley, NSW. This story is of Sinead and Mitch, who decided to elope with just two of their closest friends and their daughter during the COVID pandemic. I guess you can call this a micro wedding or even better still, an elopement.

Wildwood Kangaroo Valley

The venue chosen was Wildwood, Kangaroo Valley. It’s situated towards the western end of the Valley, in the dense Aussie bushland. If you like an Australian backdrop, may it be cliffs, bush and/or rock, this is the perfect place to get married. They even have a beautiful wedding ceremony spot overlooking the valley. It’s quite remarkable.

Sinead and Mitch’s Wildwood Wedding

Below is written in Sinead’s words…

We chose Wildwood for our elopement because as soon as we saw it, it just felt right. We had looked at having a bigger wedding in popular venues in Sydney, but nothing felt right. Toni (the Wildwood owner) made everything feel so easy and stress free, the relaxed vibe helped us feel like Wildwood was The place for us.

Mitch and I started joking about running away and getting married within the first month of meeting each other. Wildwood, to us, felt like exactly what we had been looking for. There was something fairy-tale like about the venue, and the idea of running off and getting married in the woods. Simple, surrounded by nature and oh so romantic!

The best thing about eloping, for us, was that the day was about us, and it tied right back to those “Let’s run away and get married” vibes we’ve had from the beginning. With COVID and all of my family living in Ireland it made sense to do it this way.

Mitch and I didn’t care about all the extra stuff that comes with a wedding. 
Eloping meant that we had more stress-free time to actually spend with each other and after all isn’t that what you’re supposed to be celebrating!
We also saved on cost.

As there wasn’t too much planning, cost or guests involved it meant that our wedding could be a bit more flexible to suit us. As Mitch is in The Navy, we have to be flexible with every aspect of our lives as things can change In a day, so with a larger wedding it would have been much more difficult/stressful to change things, if we needed to.

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