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Why Do I Photograph Weddings?

The reason why is quite simple. Since being a father and seeing my own child grow up you realise how short life is and hard to keep those vivid memories.

To me, I think photography is extremely important. It not only brings back those cloudy memories but floods your thoughts with so many emotions! It even brings back fond memories of the loved ones who have passed. It's amazing how one single picture from one moment in time can do such a thing to the human mind. This may sound cheesy, but it's bloody magical.

When you're feeling down you look at a picture and it instantly changes your mindset. Life is too short, capture it and surround yourself in warm memories that you will cherish for lifetimes to come.

My awesome wife and amazing son are the driving factors of said "memories".

My Style

I think it's creative, natural, FUN and candid (with a touch of intimacy). I'm also all about capturing the day (like a ninja) so you can look back on it and feel exactly what it was like in any given moment.

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