Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there! Welcome to my FAQ, the go-to spot for all your curious wonders! I’ve got your back.

Check out these frequently asked questions for some insights and handy tips. If you can’t find what you need? Feel free to contact me!

Let’s face it, hardly anyone loves getting their photo taken, myself included. My approach is to be yourself and let the day flow naturally as if I’m not there. That’s when the true pictures shine. Check out my galleries and any photos on my site and you’ll see exactly that. Humbly speaking, I’m really easy to be around. I think the personality of your photographer is super important as they will be with you for most of the day. Positive energy is important!

I use the best Sony cameras money can buy for weddings. They have a silent function, which is used for most of the day to stay discreet. I also have a drone, that is used purely for thought-out compositions that can be printed in a national art gallery. Every frame has thought and purpose.

I am located on the south coast of New South Wales. I generally photograph in the Southern Highlands, but do travel anywhere and everywhere to photograph any wedding!

Great question. I tend to deliver on average around 800 to 900 images for an 8-hour day. It does vary depending on what happens on the day.

You’ll get all your images in a beautifully designed private online gallery within 1 to 2 weeks of your wedding day!

My preset has taken years to master to get the signature look. Without its look it is unfinished and I don’t like to give out unfinished work as it’s not the way I intended when creating the image in mind. I guess the answer to your question is, no.

I believe in not changing the way you look to others, other than an obvious pimple/bruise/sore etc. I like to keep things real and honest, but if you are self-conscious about something, please let me know and I’ll shoot from another angle.

Oh yeah, for sure!

There is one thing that I prioritise over anything else, and that is backups! I have multiple cameras and memory cards as well as a stringent photo backup process.

I’ve been shooting for quite some time now and over the years I’ve seen a lot of trends. I think what works best, colour-wise, is warm earthy colours. The palette works really well with the background, may it be the greens and browns from a dense forest to the warm/cool tones of a sandy beach. These colours are not harsh on the eye and are calming to see in your pictures.

I have 3 packages: 6, 8 and 10 hours of coverage as well as offering a number of print products such as albums and canvases.

Pricing starts from $3750 for wedding coverage.

Thank you! To secure me for your wedding day, select a package from my info pack with a $1000 booking fee. The rest is paid before the wedding date.

I’ll also help you in planning your wedding timeline as well as other hints, tips, and vendor referrals to give you the best day possible.

The day after the wedding, I’ll send you a few image previews to share with your friends and family on the socials. You’ll have the rest of your photos back within 2 weeks!