It was an absolute pleasure to photograph the memories of Shona and Fergus at their Mali Brae Farm wedding. These two beautiful souls were undeniably destined for each other; their connection went beyond physical attraction. In fact, it extended to the way they gazed at each other, creating an absolutely amazing bond.

a couple are sitting on an old historic wall at their mali brae farm wedding

Shona and Fergus first met back in May 2017, at a local pub in Killara. Shona was dating a different guy that night (her 3rd date). Her date at the time had to leave early for work the next day.

Shona stayed at the pub with some of her housemates. As she was looking around the busy pub, her eyes locked on a fine young chap who happened to be Fergus. Shona remembers that moment very fondly now.

Fergus was there with his housemates as well, and funny enough, some of Shona’s housemates knew them.

Shona was instantly attracted to Fergus, drawn in by his enthusiastic and infectious energy, which she found to be genuinely endearing. In her eyes, what set Fergus apart was his genuine interest in getting to know the people he interacted with, a quality that deepened her affection for him. So, as Shona left the pub that night, she couldn’t resist taking the next step by sending Fergus a friend request on Facebook.

She told me that Fergus had made such a strong impression that he completely outshone the guy she had been dating. In fact, she decided to call it quits with her previous partner that very night!

Little did they know they’d soon be tying the knot at their Mali Brae Farm wedding!

The Wedding Day

This beautiful southern highland day went without a hitch for the couple’s wedding. Lovely overcast weather provided an amazing setting for great photographs throughout the day at Mali Brae farm!

Shona and Fergus both got ready in amazing properties. Additionally, Shona had some of her family with her while getting ready, which added an extra layer of warmth and emotion to the experience. It was particularly heartwarming to see her grandparents present, further enhancing the intimacy and making this moment truly unforgettable.

After getting ready, they proceeded to exchange their vows down near the ‘willow tree,’ which is situated at the bottom of the property. This picturesque location lent itself to the ceremony beautifully.

I took them around for a few portraits on the amazing property. There are a few spots there that photograph well. Among these stunning locations, the ruins hold a special charm, offering a sense of history and romance. On the other hand, the open field, particularly during sunset, can create an epic atmosphere, with its wide-open expanse and breathtaking views.

Shona and Fergus, thank you so much for having me capture your Mali Brae farm wedding. It was absolutely beautiful seeing you two tie the knot in front of your loved ones. Your energy is infectious and I adore that. Thanks again!

I absolutely loved capturing Shona and Fergus’ wedding in the Southern highlands. It was a truly memorable experience, and I was genuinely grateful for the opportunity to spend time with the couple on their special day. Now, let’s take a look at a few more weddings with a similar vibe:

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Mali Brae Farm Wedding Vendors

Here’s a list of the vendors involved in Shona and Fergus’ wedding:

Wedding Dress: Made With Love Bridal

Hair: Niki Simpson

Makeup: Louise Antonjuk

Flowers: Blush and Bloom Floral Studio

Videographer: Marry Me Movies

Celebrant: Coal Coast Celebrant

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