Sometimes I pinch myself when I’m photographing weddings! I guess the locations I shoot at are pretty awesome and close to home. On this occasion I got the chance to photograph Kerri and George at their Highball House wedding. Highball House is located in Budanoon, Southern Highlands.

The image below is the best way to describe these two beautiful people. By the way, it was 2 degrees!

I ask Kerri and George a few questions about the big day:

1 – What was the most important part of the day?

Can we say all of it!!? We specifically chose to have a small, intimate wedding so that we would get to spend quality time not only with each other – but with all of our guests.  From start to finish, it was amazing!

If an aspect needed to be chosen, it would be the important roles our closest family members played throughout the ceremony and the day. We had no formal bridal party but two of Kerri’s sisters sung her down the aisle, the other two helped with confetti and handing out bits and pieces, two of Kerri’s brothers acted as ushers, George’s sister gave a reading, our Brother in Law acted as MC and our Mothers had a role in the ceremony!

2 – If you had to do the day again what would you do differently?

Nope!  Well, maybe hold it in a warmer month 🙂 It was bloody cold.

3 – What was the significance of the cloths during the ceremony?

I (Kerri), had always wanted to incorporate a handfasting ritual as part of our ceremony.  They are common practice in Scotland and I love the symbolic nature of the knot, also – it’s a physical knot you get to keep for life.  Whilst it’s used in many cultures, it is viewed as a primarily Celtic tradition.  To help introduce and include George and his family (Assyrian background) in this ritual, one side of the handfasting cloth was made with the Mackenzie tartan and the other, the Assyrian flag.  The cloth was handmade by my Mother and having both the Mother of Groom and the Mother of the Bride be part of the handfasting vows truly meant a lot to us both.

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