This Centennial Vineyards wedding was simply awesome. Styling was on point as well as the weather. It was a photographers dream!

We were worried on the day that it was going to rain; luckily it held off. The biggest advantage of this is the light. The cloud cover acts as a giant diffuser which softens all shadows.

Reuben got ready in the beautiful Gibraltar Hotel. I snuck in for a few quick shots before heading to Rachel’s house up the road. Rachel had her family running around in an organised chaos, getting ready for the wedding.

After the chaos settled down, and everyone was dressed, you could see the emotions starting to kick in. Rachel’s dad took time for himself to recompose, there’s a great shot I got of him staring out the window. I was guessing he was thinking about all the beautiful moments he and Rachel had in the years gone by. It was such an awesome moment to capture.

That was one particular highlight of the day, the other was the wedding ceremony at Centennial Vineyards. There was not was normal face during the entire ceremony. Everyone had a great big smile.

Have a scroll through to see how the rest of the day turned out. If you are planning a Centennial Vineyards wedding in Bowral, drop me a line here.