Weddings are beautiful celebrations, encapsulating moments of love, joy, and commitment. Choosing the right style of photography can greatly impact how these precious moments are preserved for years to come. Among the various approaches, two prominent styles stand out: Editorial and Documentary/Photojournalistic photography.

Editorial Wedding Photography: CRAFTING A VISUAL NARRATIVE

Imagine flipping through the pages of a high-end fashion magazine or a glamorous bridal editorial. That’s the essence of editorial wedding photography. It’s about curating a visual story that feels polished, sophisticated, and sometimes even cinematic.

Focus on Composition and Styling: Editorial wedding photography prioritises aesthetic compositions, utilising lighting, settings, and poses to create visually stunning images. Photographers often guide couples through poses, leveraging the environment to produce artistic and visually impactful shots.

Emphasis on Details: From the intricate lace on the wedding gown to the carefully arranged table settings, editorial photography meticulously captures the details that contribute to the overall ambiance of the wedding day.

Artistic Direction: Photographers often employ creative techniques, such as using unique angles, selective focus, and creative editing styles to infuse a sense of artistry into every frame. The resulting images often resemble those found in glossy magazines, exuding elegance and sophistication.

Documentary/Photojournalism Wedding Photography: AUTHENTIC STORYTELLING

Contrary to the curated nature of editorial photography, documentary or photojournalistic wedding photography focuses on capturing candid moments and authentic emotions.

Unobtrusive and Candid: Documentary photographers work discreetly, blending into the background to capture genuine moments as they unfold naturally. This style emphasizes authenticity, aiming to tell the story of the day as it happens without intervention.

Storytelling through Moments: Rather than staging scenes, documentary photographers thrive on capturing the raw emotions, interactions, and spontaneous moments that narrate the true essence of the wedding day. These images often evoke powerful emotions, reflecting the genuine joy and love shared among the couple and their loved ones.

Embracing Imperfections: This style celebrates imperfections, seeing beauty in the unposed, unfiltered moments. From tearful embraces to bursts of laughter, every emotion becomes a part of the narrative without alteration or manipulation.

Choosing the RIGHT STYLE for Your Wedding

Deciding between editorial and documentary wedding photography often comes down to personal preference. Some couples prefer the editorial approach for its polished and artistic quality, while others resonate with the authenticity and emotional depth of documentary photography. I often do a mix of both, that way you get the best of both styles.

Consider your vision for how you want to remember your wedding day. Do you envision elegant, magazine-worthy images with careful attention to detail, or do you lean toward capturing the raw, heartfelt moments that tell the genuine story of your celebration?

Ultimately, many couples opt for a blend of both styles, allowing them to have a well-rounded collection of artistic portraits and candid, emotional moments that together paint a comprehensive picture of their special day.


In the realm of wedding photography, both editorial and documentary styles offer unique perspectives and strengths. Whether you prefer the curated elegance of editorial photography or the authentic storytelling of documentary photography, both approaches aim to immortalise the love, emotions, and cherished moments of your wedding day.

When choosing a wedding photographer, take the time to review their portfolio, discuss your preferences, and ensure their style aligns with your vision. Remember, the photographs from your wedding will serve as timeless mementos, allowing you to relive the joy and beauty of that special day for years to come.

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