What is an Engagement Session (e-session)? An e-session is a shoot that takes roughly one hour. The chosen time is around sunset, for that beautiful golden light of the day. As for location, it’s anywhere that you both may be interested in; mountains, beach or forest.

I do have a list of set locations that I think are awesome for photos. You dress up, we met, chat and shoot!

I can summarise these sessions into three beneficial categories:

1) Being comfortable in front of the camera

2) We get to know each other better

3) You get some nice pics of you two together

“I/We Aren’t Comfortable in Front of the Camera”

The most common question asked when a couple books me for their wedding is this: “We don’t photograph and arent comfortable getting our picture taken”.

That’s no joke. The funny thing is, the couple that do say this photograph really well and I find it’s up to the photographers’ experience to get the shots they can by getting to know his/her couple. This is why these sessions are important; to make you comfortable!

The other thing is to just be “yourselves” and the photographer will play off that. It does really come down to experience, though, so make sure you ask your photographer how long they have been shooting for. I think that’s super important as well as how well you get along with them. You don’t want a photographer who has a “dead as a doornail” personality hanging around you on your wedding day, do you? Ha.

And when it comes to fact, most people haven’t been photographed professionally before, so having a camera in your vicinity can be quite nerving. Which leads me to the next topic…

Getting to Know Each Other

This is probably the most important topic of discussion. Getting to know each other really helps me get into your personal space (if required) to get some of the intimate photos that you see in my portfolio or blog. It gives you a variety of different frames to print at a later date.

The more comfortable you guys are, the better the photos will be, capturing those lovely candid frames that are less posed.

Pictures of you Two, Forever

So, it’s an extra service I provide, which you can see has a great benefit. Nice photos, more relaxed in front of me and you’ll be way calmer on the wedding day.

Here are a few photos from a typical e-session:

south coast engagement session

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