When I first met Grace, she was on the never ending search for a Peppers Manor House wedding photographer. I was the lucky one who she chose to photographer her amazing wedding at Peppers Manor House. I will be forever grateful for her choice as the moments I shared with them were simply beautiful.

Grace and Tom are quiet natured and warm at heart. You will see this as you read their answers below as well as scrolling through their Peppers Manor House wedding.


  1. We had already visited a few venues before we visited Peppers Manor House, but we both felt an instant connection to the place as soon as we arrived. We loved the beautiful main building with its enormous stained glass window and the extensive English-style gardens. We also felt the team at Peppers were really friendly and knowledgable during that first meeting – the wedding coordinator Carrie was such a big help through the whole planning process.
  2. The story behind our September wedding date is a bit of a funny one – before we got engaged we bought tickets to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, which had been on Tom’s bucket list for a long time. After he proposed the opportunity arose to use that trip as the honeymoon so the decision was made for us. My family were a bit surprised to hear I was going to the rugby on my honeymoon!
  3. When we started planning we didn’t really know what to expect, but all the vendors we chose made the process so easy. We don’t live locally so a lot of the organisation was done via email, and everyone was so helpful and maintained regular communication. I think having a long engagement (18 months) probably helped as well, as it gave us plenty of time to work out the finer details.
  4. Slim dress – I wore a gown designed by Karen Willis Holmes. I read a review of her gowns as the ‘athleisure of wedding dresses’ and I think it’s pretty accurate – it was so comfortable to wear but also traditional to suit the venue.
  5. The ceremony was really special. It had been raining beforehand but somehow it managed to hold off just long enough for the ceremony. We wrote our own vows and had a friend perform a reading, so it felt very personal and intimate. The photos from the ceremony are some of the best from the whole day as you can see the emotion on everyone’s faces.
  6. Ask for help! There’s a lot to organise and friends and family always want to be involved. Local vendors also have really good tips if you need advice.

Thanks for reading this far! Here’s another Peppers Manor House wedding.

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