Verity and Ben enjoyed their intimate Mali Brae wedding with their closest family and friends. Coverage was for four hours; from bridal party preparation through to the first bit of their reception.

When Verity and Ben embarked on their journey forever, they knew they wanted something special for their big day. Their wedding was held amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Southern Highlands and was nothing short of magical.

The day began with a sprinkle of unexpected rain, but these two lovebirds weren’t fazed. Instead, it seemed as if the heavens were showering them with blessings. The raindrops, far from dampening their spirits, added a touch of romance to the morning. It was a gentle reminder that love can weather any storm.

As the day progressed, the rain ceased, leaving behind beautiful overcast skies that set the stage for their heartfelt ceremony. The ambiance was enchanting, like something out of a dream. With nature as their witness, Verity and Ben exchanged their wedding vows, surrounded by the lush greenery of Mali Brae.

Later That Evening

What made their day even more special was the intimate and relaxed atmosphere. With a small number of cherished guests, every moment felt personal and meaningful. It was evident that this celebration was not just about the union of two souls but also the coming together of their closest loved ones.

The reception, held in the Augustine Room, was a reflection of their love story – warm, inviting, and filled with laughter and love. As the evening unfolded, it was clear that Verity and Ben’s love was a force that could light up even the cloudiest of skies.

In the end, their Mali Brae wedding was a testament to the power of love, the beauty of embracing life’s unpredictability, and the joy of celebrating with those who matter most. Verity and Ben’s journey had taken them to this special day, and it was a day they, and their loved ones, would cherish forever.

Here is the day through my eyes.

Wedding Vendors

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