Everyone lapped up the atmosphere for Sophie and Jonathon’s Grounds of Alexandria wedding. How could you not, when the venue is so welcoming with its homey vibes, warm lights and open alleyways decorated by the then Aladdin styled theme. That’s the charm that this venue has over others in the area, and I can see why Sophie and Jonathon no doubt chose The Grounds of Alexandria for their amazing wedding day!

Some Questions About Their Grounds of Alexandria Wedding

I haven’t written this segment in a while. It’s become known to me its been very helpful for future brides and grooms in planning their important wedding day. So here goes…

What was your favourite part of the wedding?

My fave part of the wedding was walking myself down the isle. Also driving with my best friend forever in the car on the way there. Oh, and seeing Jon in his blue suit. He looked so good!

How did you and Jonathon meet?

We met on the night of the state election in 2011 at the Liberal Party headquarters. We were both political staffers at the time. Lame. Ha ha. I made the first move because my good friend Cat (one of my beautiful bridesmaids) thought Jonathon was hot and wanted to go speak to him. How great a friend am I. Ha!

Why did you choose the Grounds of Alexandria for your wedding day?

Sophie and Jonathon chose the Grounds of Alexandria for their wedding because they wanted a very “Sydney” venue with Jonathon being from Adelaide, they wanted something pretty and were really impressed with the team there.

Oh and I think the grounds is really different as a venue. It’s not your usual white table cloth, alternate drop place. The food & wine is fantastic. The food & wine were really important to us on the day. It’s actually the only venue we looked at.

Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

How important is it to choose a photographer for your wedding day?

I chose you based on recommendations (obviously) but also because Jonathon liked that you got fantastic shots at Julia’s wedding (Julia is Sophie’s sister). It’s important to have a great photographer as the photos are your true memory of the day. I love how happy we look in the photos, and I was super happy on the day. The whole thing goes past so quickly. The right photographer will help you remember it as you want to remember it.

What an amazing day at The Grounds. As a Grounds of Alexandria wedding photographer, Sophie and Jonathon’s wedding day was truly humbling experience.

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