So It’s Raining

As a Southern Highlands wedding photographer, I get asked about the possibility of rain on a wedding day quite often.

The Highlands area is stunning, surrounded by sweeping vistas and bush greenery and rustic sheds and mostly overcast, which I think is great! Read on to learn more.

rainy wedding day

1. Don’t Stress

Stress… It’s a bad thing. I want you to throw it out of the window or in the bin; whichever is closer.

Elements cannot be changed (I’ll be saying this a few times in this post). Sure it will dampen your day, but hey a wedding is about fun and happy moments. Try not to let the elements ruin it for you. Just think of all of the loved ones surrounding you. Think about your partner and the commitment you are making, it’s something so special!

Your photographer will have a plan where to take you for photos, so don’t worry about that too.

Milton Park wedding Bowral

2. Preparation Is The Key

So the rains are in, dark and stormy skies, windy, etc. Don’t worry about it.

Grab a few clear brollies a few days before. It’ll give you enough time to source some in case the local shop doesn’t have any. 

Your dress will get wet, make the best of it. If you worry about getting wet, you’ll definitely notice it in the photos. It’ll make your photographers job just so much harder. Remember you haven’t got the power to change the weather.

If your ceremony location is outdoors, have a backup option. Especially if the rain is torrential. Most onsite venues do have backup options, such as Mali Brae Farm.

3. Embrace It

So all that being said, the best thing to do is to embrace the weather. We can’t change the weather as we are just mere mortals. The reason why we get married is to celebrate one’s love for another in front of our friends and family. Plus throwing in a big party to top it off. That’s way more important than rain.

Just remember one thing, everyone will still have fun, no matter what!

I’d love to add another positive to all of this… The light. Light on a rainy day is the most desired for any photographer. There are no crazy shadows, just soft even light.

REMEMBER: Overcast is always best!