Rebecca and Sean had a beautiful intimate The Secret Garden wedding. The Secret Garden is located in the Southern Highlands of NSW. I was covering a total of 3 hours for this wedding, which was the ceremony, portraits, and a late lunch.

They only invited a handful of friends and family, ones who were really close to them and had special meaning in their lives. The vibe was super laid back and relaxed with an abundance of food scattered over a long grazing table.

The weather was a bit scary on the drive to the wedding at Secret Garden, with a forecast of storms. Luckily it only sprinkled for the earlier part of the day. That meant beautiful overcast light. The rain eased just before the ceremony began and played nice for the remaining coverage.

After the ceremony, I took the bridal party around the amazing property at The Secret Garden, then followed up with a lot of candid of everyone having a great time and chilling out.

The Secret Garden Wedding

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