I sometimes get the privilege to go back to venues I had previously shot at. In this case it was Hayley and Nathan’s beautiful wedding at Peppers Manor House.

Peppers Manor House Wedding Q&A

Here’s a few questions I asked Hayley to help put this blog together.

1. How important is your wedding photographer?

Nathan and I felt the right wedding photography would make the day. Not only to give us amazing photos but someone we would feel comfortable around and would mingle with guests on the day. We also wanted to find a photographer that captured the in-between moments rather than the posed shots.

2. Are there any tips you can provide for future brides in organising their wedding?

Stay calm, everything will work its self out. Have a detailed excel spreadsheet, it was my bible. People are always willing to help, so lean on your family and friends every step of the way.., OH (!)  and don’t leave anything to your future husband 🙂

3. What was the most memorable part/moment of the day?

Speeches and Dancing.. and the 2 am visit to the emergency room because my husband decided to use the ‘slippery when wet sign’ as a boogie board to slide across the alcohol covered dancefloor. LOL.. fortunately it was only 6 stitches in his chin. But we got some great photos. Shame you weren’t still around at this point.

4. Why did you guys choose Peppers Manor House?  

Beautiful location that was far enough for a weekend away. All planning was managed with the venue, so hassle free (to an extent) and there was accommodation on site.

Peppers Manor House Wedding Suppliers

In case your interested, here’s a list of all the wedding suppliers:

Dress: Karren Willis Holmes

Hair: Naomi Shalala

Makeup: Nicole Hill

Peppers Manor House is seriously a great venue. Here’s another wedding that I’ve shot there before.

You can also see their wedding featured on Karren Willis Holmes here!

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