Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Locations

I’ve been meaning to type up something about wedding ceremony locations for a long time but I just couldn’t think of the right words to put it forward best.

So, you’ve decided to have your wedding outdoors in an amazing looking area, you have invited all your guests to see you two get married and to enjoy every second of it. That’s awesome and that’s how it should be!

Here’s ONE big pointer to really consider when having an outdoor ceremony. Please keep in mind this is from a photographers point of view who wants to give you the best shots possible on the day.


Light is one of the most important factors on a wedding day. People might think a clear blue sky is perfect for photos, truth be told, it isn’t – especially during the day. The best time to shoot in clear blue skies is around sunset, but that’s another topic.

As we all know the weather isn’t predictable. So to best prepare for a wedding ceremony you need to:

A) Choose a direction where the light will be best for photos on a clear blue sky with the blazing sun.

B) Have a backup location if it rains.

Ceremony Position / Direction

So let us talk about the direction of the ceremony. For the best photos, it’s best to be facing the sun (chairs facing west) which will be the side most of your photos will be taken from. You two will be facing each other with the sun behind you and photographers call this backlit.

So for the photo below, they are facing east (not the perfect position), with the sun on them:

See the scattered shadows of the trees – makes some areas hard to see and really dappled.

Now to eliminate this problem I had to shoot facing west, where if the ceremony was positioned correctly the first time, this would not be an issue.

Backlit facing west – shooting against the sun. Everything is evenly lit and flattering!

Which one do you prefer? It’s best for you to decide. In my humble and honest opinion, I believe having the ceremony flipped around to how I suggested (facing west), the photographs will look so much better.

That being said, sometimes your ceremony position cannot be moved as it’s an allocated spot. Whoever your photographer is, will shoot it to the best of their ability. So please don’t stress, this article is just a little insight to help you plan your day, Also is could be overcast, which is AWESOME!