Holly + Samuel’s Mali Brae farm wedding was beautiful.

Mali Brae Farm is surrounded by the awesome Southern Highlands countryside. It pretty much has it all; rolling hills, textured forests, landscaped dam and a rustic barn. Now I can see why Holly and Sam chose Mali Brae as their wedding venue!

I asked Samuel how they both met; this is what he said. “We meet through a mutual friend at their birthday. It wasn’t until a few months later when Holly got a new job close to where I lived that we spoke again. After that it didn’t take long for us to see how special the other person was! And that was 5 years ago”.

You can pretty much see the rest is history.

The southern Highlands is such an amazing place with a lot of great venues. Here’s another wedding at a similar venue that’s just around the corner at Melross Farm.

9 hours earlier!