Christie and Daniel celebrated their south coast Jaspers Berry Wedding in style.

Stunningly Styled Jaspers Berry Wedding

Jaspers Berry is located on the South Coast of NSW. It’s really is a beautiful area, surrounded by lush green fields and big trees. The venue itself is stunning with heaps of little manicured garden areas. I think that perfectly sums up the area, and what better place to be for a wedding!

The ceremony was held in the Jaspers courtyard, one side of it lined with little pool and fountain, the other is a lush green hedge. It really is an intimate site to get married.

There were a few key moments to mention… If it’s sunny I try and stick to shaded areas for the bridal party portraits; it’s much better for photos. As the light get softer (sunset and after sunset) I took Christie and Daniel out across the road for a few snaps. the light is sooo much better at that time of day. We had a lot of fun.

Christie and Dan then entered the the reception area at Jaspers Berry to celebrate their wedding! They sure did know how to party too.

Jaspers is an awesome venue for a wedding, I really would love to go back and photograph more weddings there. I do hope my photos gave it justice!

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