There are two things that come to mind as I’m writing some notes for this Grange Golf Club wedding.

As I walked up to the Minnamurra Headland I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful scenery at a place we call home. I had amazing views of one the most amazing coastlines in Australia. It’s beautiful beaches, big cliffs and grass land that heads west into farm land.

Jenna and Joel had their first memory in this area, it was where they had their first date. The headland held a lot of memories for these two so they decided to tie the knot there as well.

After the wedding and a few happy snaps Jenna and Joel later met up with their family and friends at The Grange Golf Club. They were met with an abundance of food and laughter.

Have a scroll through the images to see their story unfold.

This venue is awesome and I’d love to shoot there again. Also here’s another wedding with a similar vibe. It’s off Marianna and Luke’s South Coast wedding.

Grange Golf Club Wedding

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