Chloe & Nick’s Centennial Vineyards Restaurant Wedding

Chloe and Nick’s Centennial Vineyards restaurant wedding was an absolute blast. Initially the reception was to be held outside in the courtyard which I was pumped for. The theme was “Tuscan wedding”.

So to give you all a bit of a back story to the change of reception placement. Some parts of NSW got hammered by the bushfires, late December 2019 to mid January 2020; and it is still ongoing in some parts. The weather is dry and perfect for fires, we were all in much need of rain.

Well, it happened to rain the morning of Chloe and Nick’s day and predicted to rain throughout the evening. The call was made to move the reception indoors. They both weren’t bummed, but happy at the same time. The rain will help with the bushfires. So I guess, this sums up the type of people these Chloe and Nick are, caring and super awesome!

Q&A: Centennial Vineyards Restaurant Wedding

Why did you choose Centennial Vineyards Restaurant for your wedding?

At first, we really wanted to have a DIY wedding, I love planning events and so wanted to do everything myself, but our parents really wanted us to go with a 1-stop shop, function room, all done for you vibe.

Centennial Vineyards was the perfect happy medium with food and beverage, tables, linen, cutlery etc. all taken care of, plus it is so beautiful. It reminded us of our favourite place – Tuscany, Italy. We also had free reign designing the menu with the head chef and could bring in all our awesome suppliers to make our day what it was!

And, Garth! He was so welcoming, funny and bubbly and we just got along with him so well on our first visit – Garth sold it to us and we are so happy he did! We couldn’t recommend Centennial Vineyards more highly. Rebecca was so accommodating, there was no request she wouldn’t consider and no task too difficult.

Quite often you hear of wedding venues who say “We know best because we have done it before” but the team at CVR were not like this at all. If we made a suggestion they hadn’t tried before they were open and often excited to give it a go!

The service from Rebecca, Garth and the whole team was exceptional. They were awesome and honestly nothing was too much trouble.

Have long was your engagement?

About 11 months. Nick popped the question in a vineyard in February 2019 and we tied the knot in a vineyard again in January 2020!

Any funny stories in the lead up to your Centennial Vineyards Restaurant wedding?

We had a get together the night before the wedding at Biota Dining with our bridal party and parents. It was such a lovely way to kick off the weekend but everyone got straight into the beers and Rosé spritzes so by the time we got around to rehearsing the ceremony, there was more laughter, banter and mucking around then actual practice. It made it all the more fun really!

I am sure there were sore heads the morning of the wedding haha! But it was such a wonderful moment now I look back on it, having the people who helped make our big day possible all in one place, to kick off the celebrations. There was this excited, giddy, infectious energy!

What was your favourite memory from your Centennial Vineyards Restaurant Wedding?

Chloe: There are so so many! The whole wedding weekend was unforgettably special. Saying our vows to one another meant a lot to me, they were the perfect mix of love, heartfelt promises and humour. Throughout the ceremony, I felt like time stood still and went so fast all at the same time.

I was so nervous before I walked down the aisle but with my Mum by my side and seeing Nick standing at the end, everything just melted away. At one point during the ceremony, I must have been holding (squeezing) Nick’s hands too tight because he looked at me and whispered ‘deep breaths and stop squeezing my hands so tight’ and then we both just got the giggles!

Having all our favourite people in one place to celebrate was awesome. The love and happiness we felt surrounded by was overwhelming and beautiful. My heart was so full all weekend!

Nick: My favourite moment was watching Chloe walk down the aisle. She looked so beautiful and I may have been fighting back tears (but don’t tell anyone!). My Dad’s words during his speech meant a lot to me as well and that was a pretty special moment too.

The whole weekend was fantastic. No particular moment but just having all our family and closest friends around us was such a memorable experience. Watching everyone we love having as much fun as what we were having was awesome.

What tips do you have for future brides and grooms?

Everyone said to us “the day will fly by!” and they really weren’t lying. Best advice we were given was to find a moment for just the two of us to step back and take it all in. Dan gave us that moment by carving out time for photos, just the two of us, in between entree and main. It was so nice to just be together and reflect on the ceremony.

Remember the day is about the two of you, don’t feel the need to cave in to every tradition or family pressure. Our ceremony for our Centennial Vineyards Restaurant wedding was imperfectly perfect and so us – unrehearsed, full of laughter and love.

We threw tradition to the wind. My Mum walked me down the aisle, it was so important to have her with me in that moment. We also had a champagne tower at the end of our ceremony so everyone could toast to us as we walked down the aisle. Total last minute decision but we loved it! From beginning to end, our wedding was us, through and through. In all the planning, we made most of the decisions together and it paid off (except the flowers, Nick didn’t really have a say in that haha!).

Heres is a list of the amazing vendors:

Hair | Hair By Holly Gould

Make-Up | LuLu Makeup

Wedding Dress | Georgia Young Couture

Venue | Centennial Vineyards

Photographer | Yours truly – Dan Cartwright Photography

Videographers | The Love Lens

DJ/Music | Duke Music

Celebrant | Merinda Richards

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