Imogen and Nathan’s Bendooley Book Barn wedding was held on a lovely overcast day in October, 2019. You might say, “overcast… lovely?”. Well yep! It’s great light all day for photos and it doesn’t get too hot.

This Bendooley Book Barn wedding was held at the famous Bendooley Estate, which also holds another popular wedding venue, The Bendooley Stables. They are both located in Berrima which is a small historic town in the Southern Highlands.

Both venues are amazing and surrounded by some seriously lovely gardens, it’s no wonder that the Bendooley Book Barn and The Bendooley Stables are one of the Southern Highlands’ go to wedding venues.

Imogen and Nathan have got to be one of the nicest couples I’ve ever met. Their kind and honest nature made them glow all day long. I do hope the photos that I took of them, do their wedding justice.

bendooley book barn wedding

Q&A: Bendooley Book Barn Wedding

Here are a few questions I asked the couple to complete to help you on your wedding journey!

Why did you choose the Bendooley Book Barn for your wedding?

Bendooley was simply stunning & we felt like it really suited our personalities. It had a beautiful outdoor ceremony location that felt almost like an English garden, gorgeous grounds, great wine & food for our foodie families, & the Book Barn was the perfect backdrop for two passionate book lovers like us!

What inspired you for the styling of your day?

We knew we wanted a pretty Spring wedding with pastel florals against eucalyptus greenery. We tried to combine an outdoor English garden look with some modern Aussie elements.

Once we decided to go for the same bridesmaid dress in three different colours that became our inspiration to blend everything against. My dress was very me – it was the first one I tried on & as soon as my sister saw me in it she said she knew it was the one!

What was the vibe you were going for on your Bendooley Book Barn wedding?

We just wanted it to be one beautiful, relaxed party where everyone had fun, drank some great wine, ate tons of food & had an awesome time. We wanted it to be very modern & our style, not a traditional English or a Italian wedding that our families were more used to.

It worked perfectly on the day – we kept the traditions we wanted but had a very relaxed day & our families all ended up loving it all!

What was you favourite moment on the wedding day?

Our favourite moment was the ceremony. It was also the most nerve-wracking! Having all of our family and friends – many of whom had flown halfway around the world – sharing such an intimate and personal moment with us, and feeling their support, was especially overwhelming. Afterwards, seeing family members who had never met before, come together and chat like old friends was incredibly special to watch.

Any tips for the readers of this blog?

First and foremost, take in every moment. The day you spent a year preparing for will fly by in a flash, so live every moment.

Secondly, decide what’s most important to you on the day and invest in that. Weddings are expensive, so focus on the bits that will make the most difference to you and your day. For us, that was the venue, as it lifted everything else.

Thirdly, related to the above – our Bendooley Book Barn wedding memories of the day are priceless. The day will flash by, but your photos will be with you forever. So choose your photographer well. And if you choose Dan, you’ll have done just that – you won’t be disappointed.

What was it that caught your eye about my work and why would you recommend me to other readers?

Nathan and I loved Dan’s work immediately because of how he captures emotion & tells stories in his images. You could look at other people’s albums & really see what kind of day they had & how much it meant to them. We were joking that he specialises in ‘crying grandparents’ & on the day he managed to snap all 4 of ours!

Dan never makes you do posed stilted shots straight into the camera; he just lets you relax & magically makes you look incredible when you don’t even realise he’s shooting. He’s got an incredible artistic flare & is a genius with framing & lighting. He gave us advice on where to put our legs and hands when we needed it but also just let us giggle & relax which kept the shoot feeling so happy & casual, it was perfect.

Bendooley Estate Wedding Planning!

I guess you can tell by reading this blog, that I really love photographing in the southern Highlands. Hopefully it could be your Bendooley Estate Book Barn wedding.

I have photographed quite a lot of weddings at there and know my way around the venue and the various gardens. I can also help you with amazing vendors and a neat timing schedule.

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